Office Furniture, Space Planning, & Storage in Burlington, Greensboro, NC

Office Space Planning

Manage Space and Enable Growth with Well-Designed Office Furniture Systems…
for even the Most Highly Specialized Work Environments

When it comes to office space, furnishings and storage systems, we know space is at a premium. Well-conceived plans are critical to creating functional, efficient, private, and attractive spaces that meet today’s needs as well as anticipate tomorrow’s.

Professional Systems USA, Inc. has expertise in space planning and designing systems for a range of industries and applications including reception and office, law enforcement, data centers, pharmacies, and athletics. We ensure that your work and security requirements, available space, and design aesthetic are addressed with adaptability, budget, and growth in mind.

Professional Systems offers space analysis and layout and design services to ensure highly functioning, efficiently organized, and professional work environments consistent with your corporate image.

  • Furniture for Offices, Waiting Rooms, Conference Rooms, Specialized Industries, and More
  • Workstations and Cubicles
  • Seating
  • Storage and Filing systems for Records, Equipment and Special Needs:
    • High Density Systems: Mobile Mechanical-Assist Files, Lateral Side-to-Side Mobiles, and Power Files
    • Rotary File Systems
    • Open Shelf Systems
    • Vertical and Lateral File Cabinets
    • Fire Safe Files

In addition, we can provide assistance with moves, relocations, file conversions, and purges as well as electronic document management.

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